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It’s been a while.  An eventful  9 months,  as a family we survive  my husband’s heart attack, watched him recovered and dragged himself through months of slow progression and if you saw him now you would never know. We  moved, in April, with help from our fabulous friends, from Bengeo to Stevenage and are now very settled in a beautiful house.

I’ve found a nice small local church  (St Mary’s) and begun incredible journeys of friendship and were able to sample  that rare community sprit.  During this time I took my wheels out and begun exploring our new surroundings.

We decided to adopt a beautiful Labrador  puppy, and train her up to be my support dog. Buffy settle in very quickly and soon establish herself as a very tender, quite and loving member of our family. Toffee did not only accept her  as ‘his girl’ but helped train her. My two dog ride with me wherever I go. they have helped me greatly and i have now built up strength and the endurance to undertake rides I would have struggled with six months ago.

I still swBuffy.jpgim when I can and am trying to increase the time I spend in the pool. I now do phyiso at home to help maintain my core strength. I am currently plaining a two/three day walk. I want to travel somewhere, ride enjoy the views and country before me, pitstop and continue riding the next day.

I want to document my rides, so others like myself will know what is out there, what can be achieved  in a wheelchair. I want to ride with my dogs and hope others may join me. I would love wheelchair friendly walks to be clearly listed  and advertised, so anyone can attempt them.

So from now on my blog will be about the rides I undertake in my wheels, I will advertise those that require plaining and hopefully someone may contact me,  and join me on my rides.

As a family we now don’t look at next year or next month; we just say thank you each and every day. To go out for a walk, with my husband at my side, I now consider a gift. Since that awful Sunday morning in Febuary our lives have been quite different.

Nigel is recovering so well from his heart attack, that if you walked in the only thing that is different is he looks better than before! His face is a nice rosy colour, instead of a grey and slightly draining look, he’s lost some weight, which is a good thing, and he has grown a beard; which suits him greatly and I love.

It has taken several harsh words shared, to get Nigel to the point where he can now look at life and see how lucky he is and what he has gained; instead of lost. It is, and must be, very hard to suffer like he did, and not feel the extreme shock and loss about a life he feels he once had. I’ve asked him to see life again; in a different light. It will take time, as recovery is not just a physical thing! I know all to well how easy it is to see someone looking so ‘fit and well’ that often you do not see the ‘disabilities or recovery’ below the surface.

Growing up with my disabilities/ illness has made me stronger, and appear harden to the world of ‘discomfort and surgery’. This maybe because I’ve had to undergo many procedures and been asked to endure the effects of surgery all too often. To aid me in my life I’ve always focused upon my reason to live and fight. This has always been my husband and daughter, and the love I hold in my heart for friends and family. For me, I feel growing up with my disabilities has made me fight harder, want and push more. At times this attitude has proven to aid my recovery and allow me to adapt quickly to the changes that my illness and disabilities inflict upon me. There are other times it has hindered me, by aiding my ability to block out my discomfort this can often end up causing greater suffering in the long term.

Seeing Nigel ‘acquire’ his reason to look after his health more wisely, has made me see how hard it is for people that grow up healthy to suddenly suffer an illness, and lose something they once had, or are asked to changed their life style. It is often hard  to see the changes that will allow them to live longer, fully better and more healthy life.

It takes time to let go of the small habits that can manifesto into our ‘bad eating patterns or unhealthy fitness’. To see a ‘new life style’ that gives us a better eating habits and more fitness is often too hard to contemplate. So we don’t try, or postpone the thought until tomorrow- or next week! Maybe this is because our lives are ‘so busy’ as we are rushing around, so to make that change seems impossible to fit in or adapt to!

Looking at how Nigel has progress along his recovery, I can see that without positive energy and love, I feel, it would have been much hard for him to make those changes to his eating habits and life style alone. He needed much love and support to see his new lifestyle changes will actually allow him to live a much better life, with the ones he loves, for longer! Nigel is learning how best to eat and exercise, so it can fit into his life without much extra time needed. He is learning to identify new foods that will allow him more energy and support his body in his recovery.

To actually learn that new habits do not need much extra time or change, takes strong positive thoughts. Simple steps to ensure the right foods ends up on our plate is not hard to do . Nigel has been lucky, as I’ve always had to eat healthily therefore eating healthy foods is not such a huge change. However, Nigel will have to plan ahead and think about what he eats when he goes out with friends and get up earlier to allow time for his body to adjust and more importantly eat something before he leaves the house.

When I endure surgery, or a setback, it is easy for me to adapt and most importantly identify what is needed and make those changes quickly. Maybe this is because as I have always had my ‘reason to live’ firmly embedded within me right from birth. While Nigel found life easier and therefore didn’t need to consider how ‘life is a gift’ that needs attention and constant care to flourish and reach its full potential.

Although I would never want anyone to endure an illness or ill health it is only in these times do we seem to consider what is best for ourselves and how we can ‘get better’. Our bodies are not everlasting machines that will endure years and years without care and change. Yet, at times, we expect them to.

So, my blog today is a request to see if you can avoid, what we as a family endured recently, and help your body run for more years more smoothly. Do not wait for the warning! Nigel was a very lucky man, in turn I have my husband at my side again and Olivia has her Dad to enjoy ‘time’- A gift we took for granted; and are forever grateful to our wonderful NHS service, care and love for returning him to us.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting us at this time.


Wings For Life Race

Wings For Life Race

Me and my Trekie have  been accepted to race in the Wing for Life Race; with my support Angela at my side. The link above takes you through to our training off-road run.

On 7th May 2017 we will join hundreds of people, and people in wheels, to race against a chaser car to see how far we can ride. I am aiming for over 10k and am hoping to ride the streets of Cambridge and enjoy the sights.

All funds raised go to helping finding a cure for Spinal Cord Injuries. Riding in this race, I hope,  will raise awareness for those who have suffered a spinal cord injury and are trying to live an independent life. I hope it highlights the need to support and help them live the life they choose to.

I know what it is like to lose your independence, rely upon others to take you out and enjoy the simplest of things- I am lucky to have my family and great support – but there are so many who are not like myself.

It is a continual fight, to ensure you keep the funding needed for your support. My support enables me  to live a life; that is outside the four walls I so often call my prison. If riding  in this race can do anything, I hope it highlights the need to support those who need it and not make them fight for the right to live….

If you wish to donate to Wings for Life the link below should take you though to my champagne site


A 5k Off-roading Experience


I completed my first 5k off-roading experience on Thursday. I rode in my Trekie, and was able to adjust quickly to the frozen terrain.  We rode in the lovely surroundings of Panshanger Park  in Hertford.  You can see from  photos the beautiful views and nature that just kept unfolding before us.

Doing this ride six months again would have  been out of the question; even three months ago would have been pushing it too much.  I’m not even a year on, from major surgery, and have competed my 5k aim.

My next ride is going to be from Hertford East to Broxbourne along the River Lee.




However I cannot deny  the high feeling of self pride when I finally reached the end gate and knew I’d had achieved my aim.

To reach the end I had to get up a steep hill- it took all my effort and was like doing 50 press-ups rather than riding. I had several pit stops to rest my arms; but knew I would reach  the end.

On the ride itself, the paths were very frozen; this meant a lot of effort went into keeping Trekie on path and negotiating the bumps, bridges and hills.

It was great fun and full recommend this ride for any adventurous person and all children.

I could not have rode without my Trekie; it has changed  life. I am now doing the walks I did many years ago that lessen due to my disabilities. I took under 2 hours to ride my 5k. That was a good time considering the rough terrain.

I’m looking forward to my next ride.





My Path

pathI guess you could say my path has not been an easy one, then I would say whose path is easy?

Whatever we do in life I believe we all have choices.

Our paths can lead us on and others set us aback. While there are those that have sailed through life reaching their goal  long before myself; my path has been different to what I imagined it would be.

Sometimes my path, has turned down that side street to allow me to see or learn something different, other times I’ve been able to strive onwards and  continue forwards. There’s been many times I’ve  been made to slow down, stand still and appreciate those around me a little more than normal.

My path has enabled me to meet the most gifted and wonderful people you could ever asked to find. Their skills and knowledge now enable me to ‘have a path’ to follow or find. They have enabled me to establish a way to travel, on my path, and when I look back maybe my path has not changed or slowed down,  but just been resurfaced to enable me to ride it; rather than struggle to walk each step .

With my new Trekinetic, that Mike designed for me,  I am now able to choose any path and ride it! I get to see the country side, nature and enjoy the  new surroundings that my ‘path’ has now allowed me to see.

I plan to ride along the River Lee  into London (22 miles) to help raise awareness for the need for different, and new paths. Paths for those that are for people who need wheels instead of shoes!  I want to take part in Wings for Life Race in Cambridge in May 2017.

I want to raise enough funds to enable a young adult to have a new Trekinetic, and have the same  freedom I now have. I want them to have many paths to choose to ride, instead of preplanning trips, facing disappointments and watching from the side-lines; while others walk the paths they so want to ride….help me; to help them.

Help me ride my path far and wide, share my blog and support my cause.

Merry Christmas to you all and may the New Year brings you all a path that you can travel with ease, and if not may you find a map to find you way back to your chosen path.

Sue Blore


Hertford East to Stanstead Abbots Along the River Lee

Well we did it! My training, over the last few weeks, paid off. We set off on our walk, on Thursday 8th December, from Hertford East Station along the River Lee to Stanstead Abbots. The views, nature and surroundings were a like having  many  gifts that kept unfold before my eyes.

My Trekie just cruised along mud, dry paths, gravel, supported me on the uneven parts of the journey, zigzagged up steep slopes and sailed down steep slopes with eased.

I could never have dreamt that just 11 months on from my surgery I’d be able to achieve this type of walk/ride. My support, Angela, made sure I had protein bars and water when needed. To have Angels beside me, the whole time, gave me the confidence to go ahead and try; as I knew she was there if I needed her.

My Spine may be fused, and I may be limited greatly in movement but to be able to get out in my Trekie  has been amazing. To see the  nature and views along the riverside was a gift, and one we so often take for granted.

The next step of our walk takes us into Broxbourne Station, we will set off from Hertford East and ride into Broxbourne, and get the train back to Hertford. We learnt it is  advisable to get a ramp onto,  and off the train. As the gap is quite steep and high to manage; but the station employers are vey helpful. The train ride home was a welcome rest for  myself, Angela and Toffee; who enjoyed his 3.8 mile walk; but loved the train ride home as it had added refreshments!

I will keep to my own training programme, and keep working upon my style of riding to enable my shoulders and arms a rest whilst still rolling.

I would like to thank everyone  for their support …..especially my dear husband; who has made this all possible and stayed at my side. My beautiful daughter Olivia; who always encourages me to do whatever I can .

Olivia has been an amazing support to both myself and my husband this year – however I must say to have  focused and studied, sat her GCSE’s, enrolled into a new sixth form, hit her target grades in her recent mock A level exams, all in a year that has been challenging and very unsettling for us all; is a huge achievement for Olivia; she is a huge inspiration to me! You are, always will be, our guiding light.

Watch this space for my next attempt on my ride/walk. I am hoping it will be before Christmas; as that will be something to aim for. Wish me luck.

Thank you for reading my blog

Sue Blore






My 3 Mile Achievement at Wodson Park

On Monday I went to Wodson Park in Ware. I joined their Gym  last week as they have an outdoor 400 meter  running track. Wodson Park .  I managed  to ride three miles! It was a beautiful fresh day and I had my support with me; so I knew I’d be ok to push my body a little and see what happens.


After a mile, my right arm was under too much strain. My right shoulder/arm has always suffered  when doing tasks that require repeated movement. This is due to my scoliosis, it has squashed nerves and made my arm heavy and hard work to move, so riding wheels seems to inflame the muscles that are surrounding  these nerves; causing weakness in my arm.  So instead of giving up we  started to look at the way I was riding around the track. I have to adopted a way to ride whilst resting both arms, but still keep wheels moving.


Angela, who rides horses,  was a great help with this.  We adopted a way to cruise my right arm on the straights,  by  building speed with my left  to enable a longer resting stage for my right arm, it still had  light contact with the wheel to aid control and direction. Then using my right arm to go into the  bends. This then allowed my left arm to have a little rest but still aid in control. This method seemed to give each arm time to rest without loosing speed or control. It also allows each arm to build their muscles up  whilst allowing rest/recovery. It meant I went slower; but I could go further!

After my three miles I felt so pleased with myself, I then headed to the gym to stretch out and ease any inflammation. This helps with pain management. I also enjoy it.

I am hoping to race in the Wings for Life World Race at Cambridge in May 2017 Wings for Life .  I’m also planning my walk along the River Lee into Cheshunt; it is 27 miles and my support has broken it up into training stages.  I am hoping to do the first stage tomorrow (Thursday weather permitting). I will attempt to do the whole walk, in one day, in the early summer 2017. I want to raise awareness for walks that are interesting, challenging  and accessible to people like myself.

I hope I can get people to support my attempts, share my blog and help raise money to enable a  young adult to have a Trekinetic, like mine, so they can  live Beyond the  Boundaries BBW .

Thank you for following my blog

Sue Blore